Amadou diallo essay

Son How has systemic oppression and discrimination impacted each of the three cases in this documentary? In the case of Amadou Diallo, he was profiled as a potential suspect purely on his rough resemblance to a man accused of rape. Anthony Baez who was training to be a police officer was placed in a chokehold that killed him after an enraged officer was livid because Baez accidentally bounced a football off of his car ; Baez was seen as disrespectful because of this accident even though he meant no harm.

Amadou diallo essay

Crime Social cognition is the study of how people form attribution or judgments about themselves and the social world from the social information they received from their environment Chapter Review, However, it was discovered often marked by apparent errors and biases.

People make quick judgment based on their past experiences, hence at times leading to tragic endings. We will write a custom essay sample on Amadou Diallo or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The police shooting of an unarmed man was an act of automatic inferences which happens when people use mental shortcuts to simplify the amount of information they receive from the environment.

While, schemas are mental structure people use to arrange their information regarding the social world around themes or subjects: As he attends to his schema-consistent knowledge: Besides that, there are also a few theories Amadou diallo essay concept under automatic thinking with schemas that had shown relevance to the Amadou Diallo case study, such as, accessibility.

When they saw Diallo ran after they claimed to have identified themselves as NYPD officers, they might assume that Diallo was the serial rapist they were searching for, as logically a serial rapist or a criminal would ran when approached by police officers to avoid getting caught.

As a result, a firestorm had unfortunately occurred. Furthermore, the four police officers had practice priming in this case study.

Amadou diallo essay

For example, when Officer MeMellon fell down the steps, appearing to be spot, the other three officers might assume that Diallow had fire a gunshot towards Officer McMellon hence causing him to fell down those steps because they had linked it to their recent experiences of gunshot and thought that Officer McMellon had been spot and that Diallo had shot him with his gun.

As one would logically fall back when shot. Perseverance effect was also shown in this case study. When the four NYDP officers thought Diallo matched the description of a since-captured serial rapist, it might be due to the fact that Amadou Diallo was an immigrant to the United States and the four police officers could have the belief that immigrants are the major causal crime increment in the Unites States.

Hence resulting the police officers to think the worse out of Diallo when he ran and even though he was reaching into his jacket to get his wallet, the police officers had persisted that the square object had been of a firearm although in logical terms both wallet and gun do not share the same shape and size.

Mental strategies and shortcuts help people to make decisions easier and allow them to get on with their lives and not turn every decision into a major hurdle. Police officers thought Diallo had matched the description of a since-captured serial rapist.

This might be because that Diallo was a dark skin immigrant which had logically matched the description of the serial rapist leading officers to made a quick decision so that they do not need analyse in detailed and make a major hold-up over the matter.

Furthermore, the four police officers also did performed availability heuristic in this case.

Killing of Amadou Diallo Essay Sample

During the incident, Diallo had been mistaken that he was reaching into his jacket to get his firearm whereas he was actually reaching to get his wallet. The four police officers also had carried out attitude heuristic towards Amadou Diallo.

This caused Diallo to be misinterpreted to be a criminal trying to escape from police detention rather than his true intention, which was believed to initially intend to show the NYPD officers his identification card in his wallet before he wrongly shot.Amadou Diallo is a journalist, photographer and author based in New York.

His work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, The Christian Science Monitor, Al Jazeera America and. Mac Donald has been writing on urban social issues since , but in the Amadou Diallo shooting, or, to be more precise, the furor that followed it, drew her into an examination of the New.

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Police Brutality in the United States. i (Progressive).In February of , New York police burst into an apartment building in pursuit of Amadou officers shot . Amadou Diallo, an immigrant from Guinea, was a 22 twelvemonth old adult male who made a life on the pavements of lower Manhattan merchandising random ware from a cart to people (Fritsch, ).

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