Ask me no questions essay

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Ask me no questions essay

When Abba is detained by the INS for violating his visa, Nadira and Aisha attempt to save their father as they struggled with the daily challenges of finding their place in a country they now realize is not their home.

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After the Hossains are denied asylum in Canada, Abba is arrested for violating his visa upon their return to America, so he sends Nadira and Aisha back to school in Queens, NY. Aisha tells her younger sister that they are alone now and must work together, but Nadira refuses because she has always been jealous of her perfect sister.

Upon their return to school, Mr. Friedlander tells Aisha that he has arranged a college interview at Barnard for her. Uncle scares Nadira by telling her that becoming legal will not make people look at them differently, so when Aisha tells Nadira she is a candidate for valedictorian, Nadira tells her it does not matter since they will not be able to stay in America anyway.

Nadira feels guilty for making her sister cry when she learns Abba is being held on suspicion of being involved with an illegal organization because he donated money to a local mosque.

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When Nadira and Aisha visit their lawyer, Mr. Rashid, he tells them they must wait and see, so Aisha tells Nadira they need to handle it themselves, but Nadira believes this is impossible.

Lonely at school the next day, Nadira realizes Aisha is the only one who can understand and she tells her sister that maybe they can figure it out together. When the police arrest Uncle for his expired visa, Aisha blames herself for being unable to convince the police to release him, and she becomes even more depressed when no one responds to her letter, beginning to act strange and avoid her friends.

Uncle is released, but he tells Taslima about how he was humiliated. Nadira accompanies Aisha to her Barnard interview, and talking to an Asian girl while Aisha is at the interview, Nadira sees herself at college for the first time. Back at school, Mr. Friedlander calls Nadira to the office to tell her that Aisha missed her interview at Barnard, and when Nadira asks Aisha why she did not go to the interview, Aisha admits she was scared; she thinks that maybe they cannot hurt her if she does not want so much.

Abba becomes depressed because he sees no future for his family in America, and agreeing, Aisha throws out her college acceptance letters when the Hossains receive their letter scheduling their residency hearing, saying there is no point since she will not be here. Nadira insists that Aisha needs to make people see her instead of blending in so much, so the girls talk to Mr.

Friedlander about everything that has been going on. Abba, Ma, Nadira, and Aisha go home. This section contains words approx.Ask Me No Questions was a very well-written book, as it addresses many things going on in today's society.

The perspective of muslim stereotypes from a teenage girl our ages was an . The questions, as it turned out, were unsurprising.

These were the same questions I’d been asking myself ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, and my answers haven’t changed since.

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Ask Me No Questions was a very well-written book, as it addresses many things going on in today's society. The perspective of muslim stereotypes from a teenage girl our ages was an . – A Custom Essay Writing Service You Can Count On.

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Ask me no questions essay

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