Current account convertibility business plan

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Current account convertibility business plan

An Enduring Need: The Importance of Multilateralism in the 21st Century, Remarks by Anne O. Krueger

While it is unlikely to be realised during his current term, he is laying the ground work for it to happen. The RBI did not have an immediate comment on the subject. Last month, the Reserve Bank allowed companies to raise rupee debt abroad for the first time. While the debt will be denominated in rupees no rupees will leave or enter India as the transactions will be settled in dollars.

But,this symbolic move towards greater openness will grant Indian companies access to a wider pool of investors, potentially lower borrowing costs and give the rupee more visibility in global markets. Investors are also not free to buy assets at will: Some finance ministry officials and policymakers interviewed by Reuters said opening up the rupee was a logical next step after India formally adopted inflation targetting in March, and the government outlined a plan to reduce the fiscal deficit.

However, neither of those achievements has been tested yet.

The Capital Account

A poor monsoon, for example, or a sharp recovery in global oil prices could push inflation higher. For some officials, the answer is a progressive move phased over several years, as envisaged by former RBI deputy governor S. Tarapore, author of a landmark report.

current account convertibility business plan

Allowing foreign direct investment in sectors that are currently restricted could also help advance the internationalisation of the Indian economy. Policymakers and bureaucrats will also need to convince politicians to push through sometimes painful changes.

He said there was no formal plan, and expected it to be an evolving process. But even a gradual approach, policymakers say, will be progress towards the goal of a freely floating currency.account convertibility, while the capital account convertibility is still restricted; this remains a long-term goal.

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Bretton Woods Agreement

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May 08,  · "It is the right time to take baby steps to move towards capital account convertibility," said one senior finance ministry official. Last month, the . Current account convertibility allows the exporter and importers to convert the currency into foreign exchange for all the trade related purposes.

It allows to convert the currency for foreign studies, medical treatment, and buying any goods and services other than of capital nature.

current account convertibility business plan
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