Electric charge

The atoms are electrically neutral. This is because, each atom has equal number of protons and electrons. Protons have positive charge.

Electric charge

Hide When you ask a simple question, you normally expect a simple answer, right? If you want an easy answer, go ahead and skip over the following qualifier sections if you dare. Asterisks And More Asterisks Are you still here? For example, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV has Electric charge smallest kwh battery and the Tesla Model S comes with the largest kwh or kwh battery.

All conditions being equal, a larger battery takes more energy, and this should mean a longer recharge time. But we warned you answers need qualification. Another factor to be mindful of is the electric current delivered by the charger.

So it is with the charger. Nissan Leaf with aftermarket charger installed. EVSE units are basically a fancy switch with safety built in to prevent unfortunate things like you electrocuting yourself, or taking or delivering more power than would be copacetic.

They plug with a special multi-pin connector into the car — usually an SAE J, but Tesla like Apple which likes to zig when everyone else zags — has gone its own route with a proprietary plug and port, but offers adapters.

The EVSEs sold today vary in their maximum amperage and kilowatt output and thus can serve as Electric charge effective bottleneck. Manufacturers typically quote level 2 recharge times based on the assumption that you are using the most potent volt EVSE possible, often 30 amps with kilowatts varying.

These details are not always spelled out in graphic detail by EV sellers, but the good news is it is not advanced astrophysics. When we asked every EV maker in America today to answer the same list of questions, we got varying degrees of transparency.

Some did not know all the answers, some failed to even get back to us, and Fiat Chrysler took the cake as being the most crystal clear in its answers to the spirit of what we were asking. On the other hand if your car can only accept 30 amps, and you plug in a amp EVSE, software will limit the input, and it will charge no faster than at 30 amps.

The Tesla also costs around four times more, so go figure. Tesla advertises that 62 miles range per hour gets added back to a Model S using its HPWC under ideal conditions of voltage, amperage and wire gauge size at minimal length. We know of one Model S Signature Performance owner who uses all 80 amps of his HPWC plugged into a dedicated amp circuit, and gets only 54 miles per hour range.

These expensive-to-install public EVSE deliver around volts and a whole lot of amps. All these EVs can be plugged into ordinary wall current, and some drivers may be fine with that. Recharge times listed however are for the quickest level 2 recharge either estimated or as stated often in ballpark terms by the manufacturer.

Honda Fit EV — under 3 hours Its smaller kwh battery recharges quickly with a fast 6. House current recharge time is estimated at 15 hours.

Level 3 is not now available. Leviton is the preferred EVSE manufacturer. This assumes the twin on-board chargers rated at 20 kw. With only the single standard kw onboard charger, or an EVSE rated at lower amps, times increase.

Tesla quotes 31 miles of range per hour with level 2 and using its included Mobile Connector. If Supercharger compatible, miles of charge range can take under 20 minutes. Ford Focus Electric — 3. Level 1 recharge time is estimated at 18 hours, and the car does not accept level 3.

Electric charge

Nissan Leaf — less than 4 hours The models now have a 6. Estimated charge time for level 1 is longer at 24 hours. Level 3 charging is not available.

Tesla likes to hedge answers, and indeed a lot of variables come into play. If equipped with only one kw on-board charger, max amperage is cut in half to 40 amps, and charge times go up commensurately.Final Documents Submitted to the CPUC.

Application of the California Energy Commission - For Approval of Electric Program Investment Charge Proposed through Triennial Investment Plan. Posted April 29, (PDF file, pages, mb).

Includes the following documents. The value of the electric field at a point in space, for example, equals the force that would be exerted on a unit charge at that position in space. The direction of the force that is exerted on a negative charge is opposite that which is exerted on a positive charge.

Because an electric field has. Electric forces hold together the atoms and molecules in your eyes which allow you to read this sentence.

Take a moment and learn about the .

Electric charge

Dec 04,  · Backup charging infrastructure is necessary for electric vehicles to operate when power is unavailable. In physics, charge, also known as electric charge, electrical charge, or electrostatic charge and symbolized q, is a characteristic of a unit of matter that expresses .

Most electric charge is carried by the electrons and protons within an atom. Electrons are said to carry negative charge, while protons are said to carry positive charge, although these labels are.

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