Essay questions instruction words

January 9th, When you get your assignment question, decide: What the question means What it is asking you to do. Read the question several times and consider any implicit assumptions behind the question. Define the key words use a dictionary if necessary and look for any words that focus or restrict the area you need to examine in your answer.

Essay questions instruction words

Instruction words provide the critical instructions for answering essay questions and guide you in which direction you should approach to solve the query.

Here are the commonly used key instruction words and what you need to do: Break an issue into its constituent parts to assess its depth, nature proportion and function. Implement supporting arguments and sources to back the topic. Seek for similarities and inequalities between two events, ideas and perceptions.

Hunt for those similarities and differences that are valued most in terms of importance. Resolve your doubts and simplify the ideas you are dealing with. Try to define the complex ideas in simpler terms and identify variables between two ideas. Pick out the main topics on a subject and share your point of view on them with logic and references.

Give your verdict on a topic or argument or research in terms of its strength and weaknesses by examining how you agree with them. Justify your final choice on the basis of your decision. Cater to precise, clear and authoritative connotations. A brief citation rather than details are required.

Mention the differences of a particular object or issues from others. Present a chart, drawing, plan or graphic interpretation in your answers. A diagram with explanation is expected from you. Pose an outlook with both interpretation and description.

Keep in mind that your opinion should be backed by authoritative evidence. Exhibit the methodologies to support certain point and conclude on a certain idea.

Examples should be there to endorse your views. Identify the differences and distinctions in the list of the ideas and arguments in order to classify them. Provide more information and details in order to explain the ideas more precisely.

Investigate in details the key facts and important issues regarding the topic. Critically analyze the reasons that have forced your opinion and explain how relevant they are. Express your understanding of the issue and topic with the help of quotations or certain terminology by an author and findings from research work.

Present your judgment on the issue. Give an account of: Demonstrate a detailed description of an object in your study.

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Put up a case by presenting evidences to advocate your ideas, different perceptions and points of view. Examine those opinions which may appear contrary to your thoughts before stating the conclusion. Identify relations between the ideas, concepts or topics by showing the connections and accords between them.

Describe the results in detailed manner for better understanding. Specify the high points in brief rather than using clear narrative form.There are varied instruction words in essay questions. It's a good chance for me to have a overview of these main command words because I could response to requirements of questions precisely and without the risk of wandering off the topic.

Looking at the essay question in close detail will help you to identify the topic and ‘directive words’ (Dhann, ), which instruct you how to answer the question. Understanding the meaning of these directive words . Essay Instruction Terms 1. Instruction terms are words commonly used in essay questions.

They instruct or direct you in the approach you should take towards the proposition of the question. 2. The exact meaning of these terms will vary depending upon the subject being studied.

Essay questions instruction words

These signal words and phrases take the place of numbers when turning a set of instructions into a process analysis essay. Questions for Discussion What was the focus of this instructional essay?

From The Confident Student by Carol C. Kanar. Direction Words Used in Essay Questions. Compare. Explain similarities and differences. Contrast Explain differences only. About question analysis. then you will have a good start to writing a successful essay—one that pleases the lecturer!

Tools for question analysis. The following five steps can be used to analyse ALL questions: 1. Read the whole question twice.


Essay questions instruction words

Look for topic words Look for instruction words.

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