Parents are to blame for childhood obesity essay

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Parents are to blame for childhood obesity essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Essay Sample Obesity is increasing in the United States; it is more than a size and more than being overweight.

It increases risks of diseases and health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Many criticize and blame fast food restaurants for selling unhealthy foods and their negative influence on flawed eating habits.

Food Marketing for Children: Is the government to blame for the childhood obesity epidemic?

Fast food restaurants, on the other hand, argue that they offer a variety of choices and are not misleading anyone. Americans are taking it too far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity; rather than blaming restaurants, individuals should take responsibility for their eating habits.

Society must recognize that overweight is a problem. In the United States, it is estimated that one-third of its population is obese. In like manner, the article mentions that The National Obesity Foundation, states that Obesity is a medical condition that was recently recognized as a disease by The American Medical Association.

TNOF also affirms that the condition is caused by a range of factors such as genetic, poor diet, and lack of physical activity. With this in mind, is easy to perceive that research shows obesity as a product of different factors, but society wants to grasp to fast food restaurants for blame.

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It is true, fast food restaurants are found almost at every corner of our cities, their food is affordable and convenient. Even with nutritional values displayed, more customers choose a Big Mac with a large side of French fries and a soda over a chicken salad and water. Moreover, it is not a taboo that fast food lacks nutritional value.

Fast foods are prejudicial because of their poor nutritional value. These foods are high in calories, high in sodium, highly processed. What to say about its multiple additives to keep it last longer?

What is in the meat? We are not openly informed about that. What we are informed is about its high calorie count and its poor nutritional value, yet many still avoid reading the menus or ignore the consequences. Vikki Sloviter mentions a study that appeared in the April issue of The American Journal of Public Health where a researcher found that the lack of physical activity, just like unhealthy meals, play a part of overweight 2.

Many Americans eat high-fat, high calorie, sugary foods, but spends hours in front of a TV. Several, on the other hand, have busy schedules to plan an exercise routine.

Parents are to blame for childhood obesity essay

Class action and lawsuit to restrict soda and snack machines, mentions Faye I. As a matter of fact, past research has shown that many of the food policies designed to improve food choices, such as requiring calorie information on restaurant menus and taxing sugar-sweetened beverages, do not always produce the intended results.

Nevertheless, research has demonstrated that in spite of offers to reduce obesity individuals are still willing to pay taxes and ignore calorie information.

Something has to be done instead of placing blame. Health insurance are screaming for measure to reduce the high demands for interventions attributed to obesity, but is part of humankind to place blame on someone else.

Individuals may be jeopardizing their health, their self steam and ever motor mobility. Many organizations want to suit school districts for their unhealthy lunches.

For this reason, school districts, like Hayward Unified, have modified and changed their menus. Hayward Unified has eliminated juices and chocolate milk from their menu.

Children are offered a main entry, a portion of fruit, vegetables and milk.Jun 18, Child Obesity Essay by: Anonymous Yes of course it is very big problem facing children including their parents.

Responsible is fast food items children like it mostly & it is available easily. The childhood obesity epidemic is a serious public health problem that increases morbidity, mortality, and has substantial long term economic and social costs.

The rates of obesity in America’s children and youth have almost tripled in the last quarter century. Approximately 20% of our youth are. Childhood Obesity: Fast Food Companies Are To Blame Essay example - Since the fast food industry is targeting America’s youth, providing healthier options on children’s menus will reduce the rate of childhood obesity and allow for a healthy future.

Childhood obesity is becoming a hot topic in health circles, even to the point of being called an leslutinsduphoenix.coms estimate that 20% of children between the ages of 6 and 17 are overweight, predisposing them to terrible diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

People want to blame the schools and todays technology for childhood obesity, in reality, the responsibility lies in the hands of their leslutinsduphoenix.coms are at fault for childhood obesity.

Parents are to blame for childhood obesity essay

The job of a parent is to teach a child wrong from right, including their . Parents Are Mainly to Blame for Childhood Obesity Essay - Research shows “the prevalence of obesity among U.S. preschoolers has doubled in recent decades” (May ). This is not surprising because we live in a “fast food” world where convenience is king.

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