Reforming oregon judicial selection

California[ edit ] InJudicial retention elections were first used by California 's state court system to fill vacancies. These retention elections served as an alternative to elections which were previously contested. After appointment by the governor and confirmation by the Commissioner on Judicial Appointments, an incumbent judge would appear on the ballot without an opponent and voters would vote for or against. Article VI, Section 16 d.

Reforming oregon judicial selection

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Warren Daniel R-Burke listen to questions Wednesday about judicial redistricting at a Senate committee meeting. Photo by Melissa Boughton Several North Carolina Senate members have discussed details about what a potential merit selection plan for judges would look like, but few if any have seen anything concrete.

Whether either of those plans will be presented to the public remains to be seen. The Senate Select Committee on Judicial Reform and Redistricting met for the first time Wednesday to discuss judicial redistrictinga plan that originated in the House.

The committee did not discuss merit selection during the four and half hour session, but is expected to take the matter up in a separate meeting, along with other options on how judges in North Carolina are selected.

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He has been making presentations about merit selection around the state and fielding interest from stakeholders as a potential alternative to House Billthe judicial redistricting measure.

The next step is where the plans differ slightly. The Governor would then have 15 days to make the appointment or else the Lieutenant Governor would take on the responsibility. Appointees selected by the Governor in that plan would serve initially until the next regularly scheduled election for members of the General Assembly, at which time they would stand for a retention election to an eight-year term.

A retention election is a referendum in which voters are asked whether an incumbent judge should remain in office for another term. The merit selection process in both plans would involve retention elections.

Both plans would also be triggered by the creation of a vacancy in judicial offices, which could be due to retirement, death, disability, the end of a term in which the incumbent does not seek retention, resignation or removal from office.

The second plan has more details. In that plan, the Governor has 30 days to make the appointment. Judicial officers in the second plan are appointed to a four-year term and then stand for retention election.

Floyd McKissick He credited the Senate select committee for its process on evaluating different ideas for judicial reform and said he hoped to listen, learn, get data and gain insight on the best way to move forward.

He said he did not believe there was a concrete plan decided. When asked why he thought details about a merit selection plan were kept secret, McKissick said he believed Senate leaders were still engaged in private conversations with stakeholders about what should and should not be included.

Justin Burr R-Stanley, Montgomerywho created the new proposed judicial maps, presented his plan Wednesday at the Senate committee meeting and fielded a number of questions from both Republicans and Democrats.

The House has already passed judicial redistricting.

Reforming oregon judicial selection

He said after the meeting that he expects the process of evaluating judicial selection to be fluid and open.

He and the other co-chairs did not know when the next meeting would be scheduled or what topic would be discussed.present State of Oregon, Judicial Division – Circuit Court Judge Current Position: Preside over trials (both jury and bench) in a Marilyn E. Oregon Tort Reform Punitive Damages, Sanctions and Attorney Fees, Jury Selection and Presentation Skills, Oregon Law Institute, November 17, The Work Group on Appellate Judicial Selection and Retention in Oregon is meeting regularly, and De Muniz hopes the group can complete its review before the legislative session begins, so that, if the group reaches a consensus, it can make recommendations to the Legislature.

Search form Make any promise of conduct in office other than the faithful and impartial performance of their duties. Announce in advance their conclusions of law on pending litigation.

Surrogate Court candidate Tara Scully has proposed a series of changes to New York's judicial selection process that she said would put less control in the hands of political leaders. For details about Oregon's judicial elections, visit the Oregon judicial elections page.

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merit selection nominating committee screens the candidates for legislative selection).5 In the first third of the s, there was a movement for a new way to select judges.

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