Sixth sence tech

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Sixth sence tech

Just like in the science fiction movies where display of computer screen appears on walls, commands are given by gestures, the smart digital environment which talks to us to do our work and so on, these all will be possible very soon.

You imagine it and sixth sense technology will make it possible. Before few years back it was considered to be supernatural or tantalizing imagination.

But now it has been made possible. Thanks to Pranav Mistry, a genius who introduced mankind to this futuristic technology. Sixth Sense is a wearable gestural interface that enhances the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural Sixth sence tech gestures to interact with that information.

It is based on the concepts of augmented reality and has well implemented the perceptions of it. Sixth sense technology has integrated the real world objects with digital world. The fabulous 6th sense technology is a blend of many exquisite technologies.

The thing which makes it magnificent is the marvelous integration of all those technologies and presents it into a single portable and economical product. It associates technologies like hand gesture recognitionimage capturing, processing, and manipulation, etc.

It superimposes the digital world on the real world. Sixth sense technology is a perception of augmented reality concept.

Like senses enable us to perceive information about the environment in different ways it also aims at perceiving information.

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Sixth sense is in fact, about comprehending information more than our available senses. And today there is not just this physical world from where we get information but also the digital world which has become a part of our life. This digital world is now as important to us as this physical world.

And with the internet the digital world can be expanded many times the physical world. These gadgets enable us to communicate with the digital world around us.

For instance we press keys to dial a number; we type text to search it and so on. The sixth sense technology is all about interacting to the digital world in most efficient and direct way.

Before Wear Ur World WuW came there were other methods like speech recognition software, touch recognition etc. This WuW or sixth sense device invented by Pranav Mistry is a prototype of next level of digital to real world interfacing.

It comprises of a camera, a projector, a mobile cum computing device and colored sensors which are put on the fingers of a human being.

The device efficiently senses the motion of the colored markers. Using them it provides us the freedom of directly interacting with the digital world. This technology enables people to interact in the digital world as if they are interacting in the real world.

Why choose sixth sense technology? Humans take decisions after acquiring inputs from the senses. But the information which could help making a good decision is largely available on internet. Although the information can be gathered by connecting devices like computers and mobiles but they are restricted to the screen and there is no direct interaction between the tangible physical world and intangible digital world.

Sixth sence tech

This sixth sense technology provides us with the freedom of interacting with the digital world with hand gestures. This technology has a wide application in the field of artificial intelligence.

This methodology can aid in synthesis of bots that will be able to interact with humans. Working How does sixth sense works?

The sixth sense technology uses different technologies like gesture recognition, image processing, etc. The sixth sense prototype is made using very common and easily available equipments like pocket projector, a mirror, mobile components, color markers and a camera. This surface can be wall, table, book or even your hand.For a long time, I have been able to read people's thoughts.

The words come to me, even as the person is saying something else entirely in the normally. The Sixth Sense, M Night Shyalaman's supernatural thriller about a little boy who sees dead people, including Bruce Willis, has been voted the film with the biggest shock.

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The Sixth Sense () - The Sixth Sense () - User Reviews - IMDb This blog is created for my IT course assignment. He is the mastermind behind the SixthSense prototype.
THIS IS SOME TITLE As part of the team that unveiled The Sixth Sense technology, Mistry mesmerized us.

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