Tesco human resources management

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Tesco human resources management

Entire corporate culture of companies like Tesco turns into a categorical race to meet the targets and for the short term it might be beneficial for the company as well but in the longer run none of the employee would be working keeping mission and vision of the company in consideration.

With proper HR planning Employees would be provided with a clear growth pathway describing individual targets to be achieved within certain timeline and rewards following the task accomplishments. They should be encouraged to work efficiently to achieve the expected outcome by giving them increments, promotion and other benefits.

Moreover, employees long to get the empowerment in the company they are serving for as it departs a feeling of belongingness and pride in them. At several times, they wish to get actively involved in the major decision making processes of the organisation.

Through proper HR planning they would be provided with the power as the motivational strategy. These steps are provided below in a diagrammatic fashion.

Several studies have been done over it and thus, there are various employee motivation theories available in the literature. Once objectives of the companies are properly analysed then the next step comes of forecasting the demand and assessing the gap which exists between demand and current HR associated with company.

Next stage would be to formulate the HR plan which will include hiring and retaining the employees and keeping a control over their performance management. Hiring and recruitment can be done directly or through a hiring agency which will help in identifying the right skill set among employees.

Last part would be to develop a strong and responsive feedback system. This feedback system would act as a round the clock monitoring for the efforts made by the company for improvement of HR strategies and policies. In this feedback mechanism employees can provide their feedback for the HR strategies, they can also rate the efforts and changes made by the company and also submit any knowledge or information they gained over the period of time working with Tesco.

Through this mechanism company can keep a check on going in the wrong direction and also there would be an enhancement in communication between upper management and lower level employees. Current recruitment and selection process of the company is very platonic in nature.

Tesco human resources management

Current attrition rate of Tesco is 16 percent annually which is considered as a high attrition rate for an industry but in terms of retail chain sector 10 percent and above attrition rate is considered as a norm. Their recruitment process is very innovative and they believe in providing the right job profile to the right candidate and develop their leadership skills as well.

A job profile that allows a person to learn various things and carve his current abilities would always attract him and increase his job satisfaction level.

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Tesco

Regular training and developing sessions along with the optimum freedom to use his wit and capabilities to perform a task would definitely encourage him to work harder and give better performance.

Employees should not always be asked to take up repetitive job that does not require any skills and abilities as that would decrease their motivation level and may even cause them to leave the job.

These aspects are more common in recruitment and selection of companies like Google while Tesco is still struggling with a huge employee base and their routine HR issues Sparrow, et al It has been reported that empowerment increases the work efficiency of employees manifold by increasing their focus and dedication towards their job, and therefore it leads to both, personal as well as organisational progress.

Moreover, along with the monetary rewards or promotion, employees must also be provided with public recognition. It acts as one of the cheapest but very effective means of motivating employees.

Although the performance of an employee is affected by various factors viz. Employee motivation level may also be increased by appraising their hard work and good performance. No matter, how experienced or qualified an employee is, he always wishes to get work appraisal and rewards, so, they must be encouraged to perform better in future through recognition and rewards.

Thus, it may be said that various motivational approaches may be used by a company and its management to retain its employees and encourage them to work efficiently. HR is the resource which if managed in a way to keep them motivated and take efforts to give best possible results would definitely make an organization to rise to achieve leading positions in the market Sparrow, et al These are still forming a major component in Tesco when it comes to determining salaries for the employees.

There is a need for change in these approaches because all aspects of performance of an employee are not numerically measurable. This type of approach is not able to measure the performance parameters which are non numerical in nature like general behaviour of a employee, their efforts to go out of the way for customer satisfaction, their ability to follow up on a customer and facilitating a sale etc.

Thus only those employees would get rewarded who are performing to meet the targets. By taking care of the Employees the organizations can also gain more important inputs that are required for carrying out reforms in their business operations. Rewards and benefits are the essential way of encouraging and motivating the workforce so that they are able to increase their productivity.

Organizations should have a policy to reward their hardworking and performing Employees like a degree performance appraisal systems. The rewards can be in form of monetary incentives, out of the turn promotions or paid holidays. Problems which are identified after critical evaluation of Tesco and its human resource policies can be broadly classified as high attrition rate.

Less job satisfaction, lack of holistic performance measurement indicator and leadership approaches which is not able to promote autonomy, innovation and high level of work motivation among employees.

Jobs which are done at shop floor by most of the employees are either salesperson, packers, loaders, billing counter people etc and these jobs eventually turns into redundant jobs because of their repetitive nature, nothing challenging in the job and very little scope of innovation and growth.

Tesco is also considered to be a preferred employer for people who are interested in part time employment, students working on weekends etc. A holistic performance appraisal system would ensure that every employee would get credit for the real performance they made rather than just sales target.

A degree performance appraisal would also include aspects like loyalty towards organization, efforts made by the employee to reduce lose of the company and it would also include behaviour with other employees, seniors, juniors and number of complaints received by the customers etc.

A higher attrition rate increases cost of hiring for the company, increases the time and resources spent on training of the employees and also creates a general environment of too many changes, lack of coordination and transfer of responsibility soon thus dragging the productivity levels.Human resource management at Tesco involves various activities, including recruitment talent analysis, provision of a good working environment, programmes aimed at retaining employees who have good performance, and ensuring that all are treated equally (Rosethorn, ).

Human resource management department is important to an successful organisation Tesco's HRM department is in sync with the employees, well rounded and is in line with corporate objectives. However Tesco need to sustain the efficient and effective running of the HRM department in order to keep their status of the number 1 supermarket retailer in.

Human resource management at Tesco involves various activities, including recruitment talent analysis, provision of a good working environment, programmes aimed at retaining employees who have good performance, and ensuring that all are treated equally (Rosethorn, ).

Tesco human resources management

Human Resource Management: Tesco Words | 5 Pages This assignment focus on analyzing human resource management in two companies: Tesco and Sainsbury which are in retail industry.

HRM Human Resource Management in TESCO Organization Id of the companyis company method, objective and objectives Tesco is, as Manufacturer Fund () records, the biggest store in British, in addition to being truly a store that is very important internationally.

Human resource management is the moulding of the human resources in such a fashion that the goals of the organisation are met and at the same time the need satisfaction of all the employees at all levels is attained to the highest possible degree.

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