The current in a wire essay

Ionization Energy Theory of Electricity There is an equal number of electrons and protons in an atom.

The current in a wire essay

By running a constant voltage through the wire, I will be able discover the resistance of it with Ohms law, because of the constant voltage, and the fact I will know the resistance of the circuit using the variable resistor.

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I will maintain a constant, low voltage output from the power pack, so the voltage is not too high to be read by the voltmeter. I will connect the first wire, then run the pre determined voltage through it, waiting a short time until the ammeter has rested upon one result, and then record that result.

I shall take 7 readings, each following the same procedure as the first, each of which will be of a different wire diameter. I will be using the following 7 wire sizes: To ensure that these are in fact the correct diameters, as part of my pre-test, I shall use a micrometer to accurately read their diameters in 3 different places, and therefore work out an average thickness.

The current in a wire essay

If time permits I will perform more tests on each wire, so I can work out an average, and possibly discount anomalous results. To ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results, I shall keep the other variables at constant levels. I will also only change the diameter in controlled amounts.

My graph shall also enable me to ensure the reliability of my results, as a graph shows all anomalies, which can be disregarded from my results.

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Also, to ensure the fairness of this test, I shall endeavour to make the wire a smooth as possible, as it will be fairly kinky, having been connected to a ruler for several years. This will make sure my wire is as close to 1metre long as possible. To make this test safe I shall: I have performed a pre-test to familiarise myself with the equipment, and also to test variousIf the current in the loop is in the anticlockwise direction, a north pole is formed and if the current is in the clockwise direction a south pole is formed.

| A current carrying conductor in the form of a rectangular loop behaves like a magnet and when suspended in an external magnetic field experiences force.

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How the Length of a Wire Affects Its ResistanceIn my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance. Resistance is the measure of how easy it is for current to flow through a wire.3/5(2).

Results Wire Voltage (V) Current (A) Copper Conclusion From these results, I have decided that 1 volt is the best idea. This is because it will still show many readings, but will not overheat the wire.

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