Wahaha in cola war in china

Instead, their bottlers managed sales in their assigned territory, relying on distributors to cover areas that their own systems could not serve. Both Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola follow the strategy of setting strict sales targets for bottlers and in turn bottlers would set targets for distributors.

Wahaha in cola war in china

In fact, the company maintains a leading position in a number of product categories such as; water, milk drinks and mixed congee, and tea and juice drinks Cravens, Dominating product categories all across China and taking on consumer giants, this local company has displayed good management as well as company goals to get where it is today.

Unlike many other Chinese companies of large size, The Wahaha Group maintains a solid cash position and no long-term bank debt Cravens, This has allowed the company to enter multiple markets, The Wahaha Group specifically focuses to extend into food and beverage categories in which there was no dominate player Cravens, This allows the company to take over these markets and establish itself as a dominate force in that particular category.

In turn this benfits The Wahaha Group because it can be supported by geographic expansion and allowed Wahaha to produce locally in various markets Cravens, Since Wahaha is a local company, their marketing strategy is much of the same. Wahaha has branded its name by maintaining a leading position in a number of different beverages categories.

This ensures that local consumers know who they are and how reliable they have become.

Wahaha in cola war in china

Coca-Cola trails Wahaha beverages considerably in the advertising market in China. The rest of its budget focused on print advertising elaborating product benefits as well as promotions Cravens, The prices of Wahaha products were generally lower than those of competitors such as Coca-Cola.

Wahaha continued to make its own branding advertising its product. Wahaha was the first among Chinese companies to use celebrity product endorsement to promote its products.

Wahaha does a phenomenal job targeting its audience. The company focused its attention on the mass market, and not just the wealthier urban consumers Cravens, Originally the company targeted mostly kids with milk and juice drinks. However, the target customers for soft drinks are in the age range Cravens, Since Wahaha had come out with its soft drink products it has allowed the company to advertise to a larger range as well as a bigger demographic.

Coca-Cola has had to consider options like lowering its prices and use more celebrities to promote its products. However, it took Coca-Cola a fair amount of time to react to the success of the local giant. This is due to the fact that Coca-Cola has already made high profit in urban areas Chan, In Coca-Cola felt the need to expand its market into rural areas in an attempt to maintain its market share in China Chan, Danone, the French food group, on Wednesday made a profitable exit from its investment in China Huiyuan Juice Group, selling its 23 per cent stake to Coca-Cola for three times the market price.

Transcript of SM - Cola wars. to the retailer Compared with Wahaha Retailers Customers Wahaha Bottlers Distributors Manufactured by Hangzhou Wahaha Group in China Cooperation Recommendations For Wahaha Future Cola For Wahaha Future Cola For Coca Cola, PepsiCo and Wahaha Future Cola Bibliography: Chan Kim, W.

. Jianlibao Group is a soft drink producer based in Foshan, Guangdong, China which was established in In s, The Jianlibao drink was one of the best sellers in China, on a par with Coca-Cola .

Come on, dude. Let me down. I don't think that I deserve this. I swear I didn't steal that pack of gum. I've got like thirty dollars in my wallet. Essays & Papers Cola Wars in China Case Study Essay - Paper Example Cola Wars in China Case Study Essay Cola Wars in China Ryan Criscione Alfred State College Cola Wars in China Wahaha Group was founded in and since then has become China’s leading soft drink producer - Cola Wars in China Case Study Essay introduction.

The Wahaha Joint Venture Company is a food and beverage joint venture company established between the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, the largest beverage producer in China, and Danone, one of the world's largest food conglomerates.

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