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Ragged Boy on 05 Nov at 5: I got this idea after watching Dr. Sorcerer Supreme and thinking are there any young, black, and male magic superheroes.

Write around the toon

Toon" Goodman of Animation World Magazine described Ren as scrawny, dyspeptic and violently psychoticwho loses his mind occasionally in a cumulative process resulting in him becoming, in Goodman's words, a "screaming klaxonneon-pink eyes dilating into twin novae inches above his jagged, monolithic teeth.

However, in the first two seasons, Ren's tail constantly disappeared and was even docked by George Liquor in the season 2 episode "Dog Show", while getting Ren and Stimpy both ready for an upcoming dog show even though Stimpy is a cat although it continued to appear afterwards in the episode, as well as episodes afterwards.

After season 2, Ren's tail had a rare form of continuity throughout the show, not even appearing at all in most episodes. In most of the episodes, Ren's ambition is to develop huge pectoral muscles.

In the season 3 episode "Ren's Pecs", that is accomplished with the help of Stimpy. Kricfalusi originally voiced Ren in a manner that he describes as "a bad imitation of Peter Lorre.

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In the pilot episode, Pierre Decelles provided Ren's signature diabolical laughter, while West performed Ren's laugh in the series. His catchphrase is "You eediot", and he also uses variations of "What is your problem, you sick little monkey?

You stupid fat-head, you. Cat is a red and white, rotund cat with a blue nose, purple eyelids, no tail, hands with gloves that have fingernails, human-style buttocksflat feet and a brain the size of a peanut. He is portrayed as intelligent enough in some episodes to be a chef or a scientist and sometimes as nonsensically stupid.

When he gets excited, he says his catchphrase, "Oh, Joy! Stimpy is named after an art school classmate of Kricfalusi, whose nickname was "Stimpy Cadogen" "Killer Cadoogen" was Stimpy's pseudonym in several episodes and in a few others he is referred to as Stimpleton Cadogen.

Stimpy likes to create destructive electronic devices. Andy Meisler of The New York Times says he feels a fixation for "sensory pleasures of fresh kitty litter ".

write around the toon

Wray said that Stimpy does not have "a huge range of emotion. Wray said that he had initially "forgotten about" the characters. When Nickelodeon requested new series, Kricfalusi assembled a presentation called "Your Gang", similar to a children's show with a live action host presenting various cartoons.

Vanessa Coffey, the producer of the show, said that she did not like the general idea, but that she liked the characters. Horse witnessing the event. Signifying Same-Sex Desire in Television Cartoons" that Ren and Stimpy are within a world where "gay identities cannot exist," so the series portrays same-sex romantic desire as "anomalous and perverse.

Dennis stated that the aspects "may adhere to a reading of a sexual relationship. Dennis adds that in other situations Ren and Stimpy are "read more appropriately" as coworkers, enemies, friends, and house pets.Ren and Stimpy, created by John Kricfalusi, are the title characters in the Nickelodeon animated series The Ren & Stimpy Show and the TNN series Ren and Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon".Kricfalusi created the characters during his stay in Sheridan College and they first appeared on film in the pilot episode "Big House Blues".

Ren is a scrawny, violently psychotic, emotionally unstable Chihuahua. I had a professional looking presentation or ‘Powtoon’ in minutes.

write around the toon

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Family Guy Sex Story: Threesome, Part 2

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