Youth a time of promise and

Participation in organized sports during childhood and adolescence has important benefits for physical, psychological, and social health. Sport based youth development programs outside of school promote a wide range of learning and life skill development.

Youth a time of promise and

The PPN project concluded in We are not currently accepting new program submissions. Due to funding constraints, the PPN project has concluded. The PPN website was archived in June and has not been updated since then.

Youth a time of promise and

Welcome to the Promising Practices Network The Promising Practices Network PPN website is a unique resource that offers credible, research-based information on what works to improve the lives of children and families.

Sometimes referred to as a "best practices" site or a "model program" site, PPN is both of those things and much more.

In addition to providing summaries of effective programs in our Programs that Work section, PPN also features Issue Briefs that summarize the research on various topics, as well as Expert Perspectiveswhere child policy experts answered our visitors' most pressing questions on a variety of topics.

PPN also links to additional research information in all areas related to child well-being, including their physical and mental health, academic success, and economic security.

To promote successful implementation of best practices and model programs, PPN also screens and posts evidence-based information on effective Service Delivery. In addition to the breadth of information PPN provides, visitors can rely on PPN to provide information that has met our high standards for scientific credibility, objectivity, and clarity.

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Due to funding constraints, the PPN project and website have been suspended for the foreseeable future. The PPN website will be archived online and will remain publicly available, but will no longer be updated.

In the event that the project secures additional funding in the future, the PPN website may be restored. It has been our honor to serve as a resource to the community of programs, funders, and policymakers that work together to effect concrete change in the lives of children, youth, and their families.

We thank you sincerely for the work that you do, and we are humbled to have been a part of that work.4-H Mentoring: Youth and Families with Promise. One-to-one and group mentoring allows youth the opportunity to spend time with the caring adult while focusing on activities that interests both the adult volunteer and youth.

Academic achievements improve by mentors assisting youth with homework assignments and study skills. Especially For Youth (often abbreviated as EFY) is a week-long youth-oriented seminar focused on fellowship and teaching the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

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It is run by Brigham Young University's (BYU) Continuing Education (CE) and is the largest church-oriented summer camp, attracting over 50, attendees every year at locations around the world. AmeriCorps Promise Fellows assist youth in reaching their full potential and set them on a trajectory for high school graduation and lifelong success.

Committed to providing the right support to the right youth at the right time, Promise Fellows are working to overcome the challenges facing Minnesota students. OUR MISSION: Comprehensive Youth Services of Fresno, Inc.

is dedicated to providing a full range of prevention, intervention, treatment and educational services to .


What Is the Lone Star College Promise? The College Promise is a scholarship and community service program that provides two years of “last-dollar scholarship” for a college education at any Lone Star College location and is funded by the Lone Star College Foundation..

The scholarship application timeline is as follows. In both my mother and father, “ there were youth, beauty, and promise.” They were two youths who, “ before they knew the beauty of the one and the handsome strength of the other, willed to surrender these things for ” the good of their children.

CYO of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. Leading Youth To Christ Through Sport. Promise Youth Development Inc. is a c3 non-profit organization providing programs for youth ages years in Charlotte, NC—Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. Our programs are inclusive of youth from all walks of life. Get Involved. Start a SAVE Promise Club or get involved in a capacity that’s right for you and start making an impact today. Learn More.
Lone Star College Promise